This is the corner of the web where I am going to push out all of my demons for the world to see and exorcize. Because I’m pissed off. It’s the year 2010 and the world is nothing like it was promised, unless you consider the corporate dominated hellhole of Robocop to be the world you were promised when you were a kid. In which case, congrats!

Welcome, children, to life in dystopia. A world where the oceans are dying, cops shoot dogs in front of children in order to stop their parents from smoking pot, politicians consider civil liberties a weakness, the rich march on Washington to protest giving medical care to the poor, people line up for hours to be the first to get a bug ridden phone that doesn’t make calls, where money is to be made in degrading your self-worth and dignity on camera, and where nobody seems to care about any of it. The world you look at every day wondering if you’re going mad because it seems like you’ve stumbled into a circa-1960s dystopian novel and nobody seems to notice.

Here, we will notice. Here, we will care about these things. We will tear about the steamy entrails of the lies around us and we will force people to see these things.

What’s more, we will look for goddamned solutions. All over the world, while the media is struggling to get an exclusive on Lindsey Lohan’s sad debacle of self-destruction, there are smart folks all over the world who are just crazy enough to try and make this a better place. We will celebrate them. We will let people know about them.

I’m tired of being pissed off. I’m tired of living in dystopia.

Let’s try for something better, shall we?

— Alexander Klingman, May 6, 2010